Common Oracle DBA Activities

Here we have listed down common Oracle DBA activity, as it's never complete list but yes to get overview of DBA job this would be enough to understand.

  • Installation of Oracle
  • Database creation
  • Performing up-gradation of database as well oracle software
  • Starting and shutdown database
  • Manage database storage , users and database security
  • Managing schema objects, such as tables, indexes, and views
  • Health check of the Database.
  • Viewing the Alert log file to analyze the ORA errors if any.
  • Monitoring Backups.
  • Tablespace Utilization.
  • Rebuilding of Indexes, if bulk load of data is inserted.
  • Monitor temporary files /tablespace
  • User Management.
  • Backing up the archive log files.
  • Monitoring the log files, database space usage and the use of system resources.
  • Monitor storage space for database
  • Monitoring Tablespace Segments
  • Monitoring Production Database Performance
  • Take a COLD/RMAN backups at night time. 
  • Manage Alert log files
  • Perform recovery whenever required
  • Proactively monitoring Oracle best practice
  • Monitoring and tuning performance
  • Monitor Database Growth
  • Perform backup
  • Index Rebuild
  • Tablespace Reorganization
  • Patching
  • Database Reorganization
  • Standby database implementation
  • Standby switchover

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