Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Real time interview question which was asked to one of our group member. 

Tell me about your self

What is your roles and responsibility in your organization?

Listed down topic wise questions:

Oracle Architecture

Explain Oracle architecture

What are the background processes?

What is the physical and logical structure in oracle?

Difference between SGA and PGA.

What is the use of temporary tablespace?

What if someone drop temporary tablespace?

Which process is responsible to write data to disk?


What is OCR and voting disk files?

How many disk should be configured for OCR and Voting disk?

RAC start-up sequence

What is cache fusion?

What is split-brain situation and how to overcome from it?

Explain 5 RAC processes

How to add node into RAC cluster?

Steps to implement oracle RAC on linux.

Some user is connected to one node and suddenly that nodes goes down because of some H/W issue so what will happen to the operation (select, insert) which has been executed by that user?

What is TAF and how we can configure it?

Convert non RAC db to RAC


What would be the status of ASM instance?

How to add disk into the ASM DG?

Minimum recommended ASM disk in ASM DG

Explain redundancy level in ASM

How to install ASM utility on Linux?

How to drop disk in ASM?


Which strategy are you using in your setup to take DB backup?

Difference between incomplete and complete recovery

Explain recovery scenario which you have faced in your environment

How to restore DB based on SCN?

How to catalog backup pieces?


Difference between CPU and PSU patching

How frequently are you applying patching

Step to apply CPU patch on RAC 

Step to apply patch in single instance

What are the prerequisites to apply patch

Upgrade and Migration

Have you participated in any upgradation activity?

How to upgrade 10g DB to 11gr2 and what all are the steps includes?

Which methods are available to upgrade DB?

What are the available technique to migrate the DB?

How to migrate DB from big endian to small endian?

Migration from non-ASM to ASM (RAC)

Performance Tuning

Have you worked on performance tuning activity?

If user complain that DB is running very slow than how start your investigation?

What is hugepages in linux and how it can be configured?

What is AMM?


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