YUM Configuration in Linux

Installing RPMs in Linux is very smooth but many times it headache to install all the dependency.

To remove this headache, RHEL comes with YUM utility which automatically takes all the dependency RPMs and installs it smoothly.

Step by step procedure to configure YUM

1. Mount REDHAT Operating System DVD/ISO on the server

2. Make a directory to store rpms from REDHAT DVD/ISO and copy Server directory from mounted DVD/ISO to folder created folder, which will copy all RPMs to local system.

3. Install createrepo RPM which required for YUM repository creation.

4. Create new repository.

5. Remove/move old repo files from /etc/yum.repos.d and create new repo file.

gpgcheck - This is to check the authentication of the repository, which is disabled in this case.

6. Check Configuration

Note:In-order to use yum repository we have to clean the yum meta data, so before installing any package first time, use yum clean all.

Installing vsftpd RPM through YUM

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