Daily Oracle DBA Taks

  • Verify all database, instances, listener status
  • Identify bad growth projections
  • Clear the trace files in the udump and bdump directory as per the policy
  • Verify all the monitoring agent, including OEM agent and third party monitoring agents
  • Verify the status of daily scheduled jobs/daily backups in the morning very first hour
  • Check the database performance, periodic basis usually in the morning very first hour after the night shift schedule backup has been completed
  • Verify the success of archive log backups, based on the backup interval
  • Check the space usage of the archive log file system for both primary and standby DB
  • Check the space usage and verify all the tablespace usage is below critical level once in a day
  • Verify Rollback segments
  • Check the sync between the primary database and standby database, every 20 min
  • Make a habit to check out the new alert.log entry hourly specially if getting any error
  • Check the system performance, periodic basis
  • Check for the invalid objects
  • Check out the audit files for any suspicious activities
  • Make a daily habit to learn something new from any technology

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