Top 5 Advantages of Cloud Infrastructure

Running out of capacity?

Capacity planning is always important. When you own your own hardware, however, you have two problems that the cloud simplifies for you: what happens when you are wrong (either overoptimistic or pessimistic), and what happens if you don’t have the expansion capital when the time comes to buy new hardware. When you manage your own infrastructure, you have to cough up a lot of cash for every new Storage Area Network (SAN) or every new server you buy.

You also have a significant lead time from the moment you decide to make a purchase to getting it through the procurement process, to taking delivery, and finally to having the system racked, installed, and tested.

What happens when there is a problem?

Sure, any good server has redundancies in place to survive typical hardware problems. Even if you have an extra hard drive on hand when one of the drives in your RAID array fails, someone has to remove the old drive from the server, manage the RMA,* and put the new drive into the server. 

That takes time and skill, and it all needs to happen in a timely fashion to prevent a complete failure of the server.

What happens when there is a disaster?

If an entire server goes down, unless you are in a high-availability infrastructure, you have a disaster on your hands and your team needs to rush to address the situation. Hopefully, you have solid backups in place and a strong disaster recovery plan to get things operational ASAP. This process is almost certainly manual.

Don’t need that server anymore?

Perhaps your capacity needs are not what they used to be, or perhaps the time has come to decommission a fully depreciated server. What do you do with that old server? Even if you give it away, someone has to take the time to do something with that server. And if the server is not fully depreciated, you are incurring company expenses against a machine that is not doing anything for your business.

What about real estate and electricity?

When you run your own infrastructure (or even if you have a rack at an ISP), you may be paying for real estate and electricity that are largely unused. That’s a very ungreen thing, and it is a huge waste of money.

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